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Introducing Golden Walk:
Following Wisdom into Heaven

Golden Walk provides the reader with a roadmap built on golden steps to encourage readers and increase faith. Below is the special Foreword for this book written by Global Pastor Tommy Barnett.

Foreword by:
Tommy Barnett

Global Pastor, Dream City Church, Phoenix

Co-Pastor and Founder, LA Dream Center

Author, “What If”


It is all for the Glory of God alone that I wholeheartedly endorsed the first two Christian books, Barrio Walk: Stepping Into Wisdom and Broken Walk: Searching For Wisdom written by Ruben Gonzales. This book, Golden Walk: Following Wisdom Into Heaven completes what Ruben calls the Walking In Wisdom Series. God has had His Hand on him as the three books have been published in the past three consecutive years. Mr. Gonzales has found a need and is filling it through his writing. He fully understands that many raised like him are not privileged to hear the entire Gospel. He wants others to see the full Bread of Life scriptures he did not receive until mid-life.


As Children of the King, we must do all we can to help each other on this earthly walk as we follow Jesus into Heaven, “Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim You, who walk in the light of your presence, Lord.” Psalms 89:15  I am so proud of Ruben as he has demonstrated his conviction to share the Good News. He uses a blend of life experiences, humor, and well-placed scriptures throughout his books. We share a mutual love for our Lord knowing He is the One that keeps our steps steady and sure.


His main purpose for writing Golden Walk is to provide others with scriptures and Biblical stories that were not disclosed to him until age 47. His father did not accept Christ as Lord until age 78 about two months before his death. For the remainder of his life, Ruben vows to tell everyone he can about how Jesus Christ changed his life. There are many lessons in Golden Walk; you’ll enjoy reading No Blueberries in the Barrio.


Golden Walk: Following Wisdom Into Heaven is divided into three parts. Part one, Get Ready will help people understand how it is imperative to receive salvation. It includes teachings on forgiveness and repentance. The second part, Get Set talks about what to do after receiving salvation; this includes, reading the Bible, witnessing, and baptism. The third part Let’s Go gives insight on what we can expect when we reach Heaven. The reader is offered hope and excitement about our transition into eternity. This book provides a roadmap built on Golden Steps to encourage readers and increase faith.


Mr. Gonzales grew up in the barrios of Phoenix Arizona and East Los Angeles. He spent two years in a seminary in Compton California. He is a Vietnam veteran who struggled with alcohol for 30 years. Although he had success while working 39 years at the U.S. Postal Service, he has experienced the darkness of being separated from the Truth. Ruben also cherishes the Joy that comes from accepting Christ and having a new song placed in his heart. He understands the purpose for the remainder of his life is to do God’s work by the writing and speaking of His Goodness. – Everything we do is all for the Glory of God alone.


“May the God of Hope fill you with all Joy and Peace as you trust in Him.” Romans 15:13  Until we meet in Heaven . . . Find a Need and Fill It. I love you!

Golden Walk: Following Wisdom Into Heaven

by Ruben Gonzales
Foreword by Global Pastor Tommy Barnett
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Endorsements for Golden Walk

Once in a good while comes to us a book that we simply cannot put down when we start to read it. I remember the slogan “Inquiring minds want to know”; well, who doesn’t have an inquiring mind, especially when it comes to the subject of heaven. No matter where you have been to on this great planet of ours, heaven defies every conceivable thought we might have of its beauty.


Every question you could possibly have about heaven has an answer in this book as Ruben helps you navigate through it all. My questions that I hadn’t even thought about asking are covered, and of course the trend of “wisdom” in this, his third, book follows right along the same path.


Remember, we are talking about eternity here. This means that we will have all the time in the…I was going to say “world,” all the time, period, to talk to the saints of old; our relatives and friends will all have a story of how they got there.


Follow along page after page as heaven is brought to you in full color and in 3D, 4D, I don’t know, surely many dimensions. One thing is for sure, you will never be so glad that you accepted Jesus than after you finish reading this book. If you have never asked Jesus in your heart, you will certainly want to as He not only gives us an awesome life here but he also offers a great retirement plan that is “out of this world.”


Joel Perales

Pastor, Evangelist

Golden Walk: Following Wisdom into Heaven, is the third book of award winning Christian author Ruben Gonzales’ series on Walking in Wisdom.

A hallmark of Mr. Gonzales’s style is telling engaging stories interwoven with timely, powerful scriptures and spiritual truths and this book follows richly in that fashion.

As the third book in a series of three, this book is set into three parts: Get Ready, Get Set, and Let’s Go. These sections lead the reader through receiving salvation through Jesus Christ, what comes next after salvation, and finally, what Heaven is really like. (Hint: we’re not going to be resting on clouds.) It’s more beautiful and glorious than we’ve ever imagined.

Mr. Gonzales is a gifted storyteller and wordsmith, and you will enjoy his engaging vignettes of family life. He draws readers into his stories in such a way that you feel like you are part of his family. But he doesn’t write to receive acclaim for himself. He writes to tell as many people as he can how to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and enter into a life that will be eternal.

Is Heaven a question for you or for a loved one? This book will give you sound, Biblical answers. Our unpredictable times are the evidence of the groans and labor pangs of creation Romans 8:22 speaks of. Time is growing shorter and circumstances are becoming more desperate for people who do not know the truth of Jesus Christ.

This book is a gift to yourself, to loved ones, friends and neighbors. Don’t hesitate. Buy it for yourself and gift a copy to a loved one while you’re at it. It is a fountain of hope and truth in a world gone mad.


Shelly Morales, Aglow International; English teacher; photographer

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What Makes Me Write

Being grateful for a second chance after God was kind enough to put me on the Path to Peace.  These books are written to bring Glory to God alone - Soli Deo Gloria! I want others with a similar upbringing as mine to know Jesus is the only way to the Father. I want to share how I was able to overcome alcohol addiction, being stuck in a world of darkness and regret. I also want to share my full joy of becoming a Child of the King. I started life as a child in a little church and had Big Faith.  Now I am advanced in age, I am blessed to have my Biggest Faith yet.
The remainder of my life is to bring glory to God. I am on the Path to Eternal Peace and want to tell others about how my life has changed. I have double vision as I look back to the past and into my future. I look back at my past with gratitude because of the second chance God has given me. I have now forgiven myself and others. As I look to the future, I am excited and in awe of my eternal life in Heaven. Will you join me?

From: Barrio Walk: Stepping Into Wisdom

Barrio Lesson #17:

"Don’t decide to become a priest over the weekend."

Both Books Endorsed

by Tommy Barnett

Broken Walk: Searching For Wisdom tells of Ruben Gonzales’ walk through life. He tells in detail about his experiences before his acceptance of Christ. He writes with gratitude on various subjects such as listening with compassion and learning about humility. He also shares his desperation of seeking God but not fully knowing how to go about it. God certainly has His Hand on him as he continues to write about his belief in Jesus.

Ruben grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and is gaining momentum as a Mexican-American Christian writer with this second book. His calling is to reach others that grew up like him and get caught up in alcohol or bad choices. As the introduction in this book states, ‘allow the scriptures used throughout the book to be a river that nourishes the root system of your heart.’ I highly recommend this book written for the Glory of God alone.

TOMMY BARNETT, Global Pastor

Dream City Church, Phoenix

Co-Pastor Los Angeles Dream Center, Los Angeles

Barrio Walk: Stepping Into Wisdom is a story that depicts Ruben Gonzales’ upbringing and Mexican-American culture while growing up in Phoenix, Arizona. He gets caught up in the trap that alcohol is the way of life. Ruben uses humor and scripture in hopes of getting the reader to examine their belief especially with how to get to Heaven. Embedded in this story, there is a description of how the author comes to know Jesus at age 47. The final chapter shows the goodness of God as the author’s father reaches our to Our Savior at his moment of death. I wholeheartedly recommend this entertaining book written by a late-blooming author for God’s Glory.

TOMMY BARNETT, Global Pastor

Dream City Church, Phoenix

Co-Pastor Los Angeles Dream Center, Los Angeles

A nostalgic look at childhood memories and personal growth...
A wonderful rollicking funny must-read about the author's childhood, and current experiences in his fleeting and often torturous journey of growth as a follower of Christ. Despite his humble circumstances, this author brings to mind his hair-raising childhood and adult experiences! Throughout his life, the influence of the author's religious upbringing is interspersed with a blur of remembered experiences which are brought into sharp focus with a bright splash of technicolor!! Teens will learn the value of GOD in their daily lives, and adults will wince, however pleasurably or in pain as memories of their own life comes flooding back!

Shirley S.


Loved it!!
I Loved this book!!! I couldn’t put it down, I had to read it all in one day!!! It was,” Sand Lot, Little Rascal’s and Mi Familia “ all rolled up in one. All though it’s an easy, light hearted book, it’s serious. I loved how the author intertwined scripture and shared his faith throughout the book in a very loving, sincere and transparent way. I’m excited and hopeful to read his next book. Well done!

Dianna T.

Barrio Walk is a refreshing, insightful look at growing up in the golden era of the 50’s and 60’s. The author shares his remembrances from elementary school through high school, with insightful lessons he learned. The underlying theme through the book is the faithfulness and goodness of God that sustains him, even when he’s not aware of it. You’ll be drawn into his large, loving family as you read how they interact and support each other.

Shelly M.